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Fact Vs. Fiction on Sun Protection and Healthy Aging

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Fact Vs. Fiction on Sun Protection and Healthy Aging

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September is Healthy Aging Month in the United States. There are a lot of practices that go into healthy aging, but one to note is skin care and sun protection. How are you recommending sun protection to clients? Include it as part of their healthy aging regimen with the following support.

Sun Protection All Year Long

In the summertime, we think if it’s bright and hot outside, we should put on some sunscreen. However, that leaves us to ask the question of whether this should be an every day mindset. The sun’s UV rays don’t follow a calendar and will still find their way to us even on overcast days. Remember that the sun still shines in fall, winter and spring.

This is a practice that should be started and a part of our daily routine from an early age. While that shift in thinking is starting to occur, it’s growing at a slow pace.

  • A tan is healthy. False. Just because it isn’t a burn does not mean it is healthy.
  • My skin is dark, so I’m protected. Incorrect. UV rays can still penetrate the skin no matter what pigmentation it has.
  • I don’t burn, so I don’t need sun protection. Ouch. No.
  • Sunglasses aren’t important. Inaccurate. Remember your eyes are subjected to UV damage as well.
  • Sun damage is reversible. Negative.
  • The shade fully protects me from the sun. Wrong. While it is a good start, the shade does not provide full protection from the sun or its UV rays.

Sun and Skin Aging

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