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How to Transition for Spring Skin Care

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With the skin-chapping winds and frigid temps almost behind us, it’s time to get excited about new blooms, lighter outfits and yes, new spring skin care! After facing months and months of lower temperatures and humidity and stronger winds and precipitation, your skin will need a bit of an adjustment as you approach the spring. Here are five ways to do so:

1. Exfoliate regularly

The flaking and dry patches have built up on your skin over the chilly season, so it’s time to slough off the dead skin cells and reveal the fresh, new layers underneath for a smoother and radiant complexion. Plus, exfoliating helps all the following skincare products you apply absorb more efficiently. Try ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating powder, which gently buffs away the cells that cause you to appear lackluster and uneven.

2. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer with antioxidants

You probably spent the better part of winter loading up on rich creams to stave off dryness, but you shouldn’t skip moisturizing even when the weather warms up. Try using a deeply hydrating moisturizer that’s lighter in texture, such as our VITAL C hydrating intense moisturizer, which quenches your skin while delivering a rich concentration of antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, to help dramatically improve the appearance of discoloration and fine lines. (And as always, don’t forget a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day!)

3. Detox with a mask

Start your spring cleaning with a skin deep clean. To jumpstart your road to smooth, fresh skin, commit to using a mask every week. Because masks “dry” on your face and create an occlusive cover, the nourishing, cleansing and revitalizing properties are delivered more intensely. Our AGELESS total resurfacing masque, called our at-home “mini-peel,” is the perfect post-winter mask, as it exfoliates skin’s surface with a blend of alpha hydroxy acids to help visibly minimize dark spots and dullness.

4. Begin incorporating eye cream

Now that the sun is more apparent and out of winter hiding, you’ll want to take care of your eyes, the most fragile and thinnest area of your skin. Although UV rays are prevalent no matter the season, now you’re physically squinting more against the brightness. Use ILUMA intense brightening eye crème day and night.

5. Take care of your body (now that you can show it off more)

If your face was the only exposed part of your body during the winter, you’re probably looking forward to letting your arms and legs get their fair share of attention, too. Your body deserves nurturing after being wrapped up and hidden the last couple of months, so give it a spa-like exfoliation with BODY SPA exfoliating body scrub and slather it head to toe with BODY SPA rejuvenating body lotion for an all-over glow.



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