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Advanced Medical Treatments


RF/Microneedling:  $1000.00

Combines two of today's most sought after aesthetic treatments, RF energy and microneedling to deliver deeply personalized treatments with optimal results, leaving you feeling beautiful across various stages of life.  Stimulates new collagen and improves the overall appearance and texture of your skin.  Duration:  90 minutes

Microneedling:  $450.00

Improves complexion with minimally invasive treatment to create new collagen for smooth, younger skin.  Perfect for reducing acne scars and wrinkles.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

RF EMatrix:  $450.00

Sublative Radio Frequency treatment.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

Perfect Derma Peel:  $385.00

Medium depth, medical grade chemical peel that features master antioxidant, glutathione for superior skin lightening and anti aging benefits.  Duration:  30-45 minutes

Acne Boot Camp:  $100.00

Featuring Face Relaity skin care treatment and peels.  Duration:  45 - 60 minutes.

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