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Signature Facial:  $150.00

Our most popular cleansing, exfoliating and relaxing facial which includes facial and decollete massage, enzyme peels and extractions, mask and LED light treatment.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

European Facial:  $120.00

The most relaxing facial with mild exfoliation and extractions along with facial and decollete massage.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

Detox Facial:  $150.00

Designed for congested skin to extract black heads, white heads and skin impurities using IS Clinical Detox enzymes with steam.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

Vitamin C Facial:  $150.00

A brightening, cleansing facial designed for every skin type using Vitamin C enzyme life & Vitamin C enzyme mask.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

Osmosis Nano Fusion:  $150.00

An age reversal skin treatment curated for the needs of mature skin, helping to soothe and rejuvenate.  Duration:  50-75 minutes

Teen Facial:  $99.00

Designed to cleanse, exfoliate and gentle extractions for sensitive, hormonal teen skin.  Duration:  60-75 minutes

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